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The Shadow Figure

Max, FL, USA
October 2017

I live with my dad and my older brother. I’m 13 years old and am left alone alot, if I didn’t have the lock on mydoor I would be scared every morning when I’m alone.

My family never belives my but when I’m alone I hear footsteps, sometimes even knocks on the distant walls in my house, but never have they knocked on my door directly butonly once.

I was showering at around 8:15, my friend was waiting on his bike outside like every other day, but I was just about to turn off the water when I heard a single direct knock on the bathroom door. I was alone, my big brother at school, my dad at work. I was scared, yet calm. I knocked back and got no response. I mustered up the strength to openthe bathroom door, nothing. kitchen, nothing. bedroom 1, nothing. bedroom 2, nothing. diningroom/livingroom, nothing.lounge, nothing.

i quickly got dressed and was about to leave when i saw a shadowy figure peering around the corner by my front door. (note: I am typing this at 10:09 at night and am hearing creepy noises.) I ran as fast as I could and shut and locked my room door. I climbed out my window locked my door from the outside of my house,aand rode my bike to school. the rest of the day was fine, but every day I still hear footsteps even if I go to my moms house.

Max, FL, USA
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