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The Shadow Hand

Benjamin Sanchez, IL, USA
July 2003

Well this happened a while ago, about 5 years ago. Anyway I was invited to one of my brother's best friends birthday party. I have never been there before so I was interested on all the stuff my brother's friend promised me he'll show me. He was going to show me some vintage records from John Lennon. So I followed him with my brother in front of me up to his room. This room was in the attic of his house, as soon as we walked up the stairs I felt strange as if some one was behind me! I thought to myself "Oh great I had to be last in line!".

His room was a little far way up there it was by a window so there was still a lot of the attic left behind me. It looked pitch black and I kept feeling the same, I could've sworn that there was someone right behind me.

Once we reached his part of his room he turned on the light and it only light up his part of the room. The part that I felt the presence there was still pitch black. So we sat down and starting talking about the records and I chose the couch so my back can be facing the pitch black part. When I was listening to my brother and his friend talk I felt the presence again behind me. I looked at the corner of my eye and by my arm on the armrest was a shadow hand, was reaching to grab my arm!. I thought it was something in my eye but it wasn't! I looked at it for 3 seconds and I freaked out! I just stood up and yelled "What the F@#! was that! They asked me what was wrong and I told them I saw something and I didn't know what it was.

I couldn't wait to get out of that attic and head home.

A few days later my brother had a chat with his friend about what I saw. He told my brother that a few times his pizza delivery man has asked him who's that woman staring out the window every time I deliver your pizza. I didn't know what to tell him other that I never saw anything here ever. He also told my brother what really REALLY freaked me out. He told my brother he investigated his house history and he came across an article in the newspaper in the 1970's and it said a woman committed suicide by hanging herself in the houses attic. I couldn't believe it when my brother told me, I just felt chills down my spine all over again.

Benjamin Sanchez, IL, USA
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