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The Shadow Like Figure

Brian, MA, USA
December 2001

When I was about 15 or so, (now I'm 31) my best friend lived in a house that's haunted. The previous owner's won't even talk about it. That there tells you something. Anyway to name a few occurrences, lights went off and on, dishes floated and smashed, figures appeared in mirrors, shadows, footsteps, door slams, you name it.

Once we came home and thought my friend's mother was home drying laundry. The dryer was on, but no one had been home all day. I guess I'll tell you about what scared the ever living daylights out of me.

We were working out in his basement one night. We had the radio on low in the other room. All of a sudden the volume turned down. We went into the other room and turned it up again. Sure enough, a few minutes later it was turned down again. We figured it was the radio. That's all fine, well and good, but you have to turn a knob to operate the volume. Anyway, we continued working out. All of a sudden we heard footsteps run upstairs, slam the door, then run up the stairs above and slam a second door. We went upstairs to check it out, but found nothing. No one was home except for us.

After the workout I walked home. I went through his backyard, through some bushes to the street. As I got about 300 ft. away, I looked back. His back light was going off and on by itself. Then it came on and a dark shadowlike figure stood there. It started walking towards me. I started to walk faster, but when I did It ran, I'm talking fast. I ran, slipped on the ice, got up then fled through a yard and it was on my tail. I leaped over a brook and ran home.

When I got there no one was home. I immediately called my friend, thinking it was him and there'd be no answer. He answered. I asked how he got home so fast? He had no clue what I was talking about so I told him.

The next night I was working out once again, this time at his neighbor's house who was also our friend. We heard a slam on the bulkhead, then the same dark figure appeared in the basement window. I now had to explain this to my other friend. When I left I was walking and had to look back. My buddy popped out from behind the house and just ran at me. I flew home but a different way. Again IT was on my tail. None the less, I made it home again.

Whatever it was, it didn't like or want me there. I could always run fast but this thing was much faster. I know It could have caught me if It tried. The weird thing is that the day after the first night, I retraced my steps to see footprints in the snow. They departed from mine before the brook, then went off into a swamp towards my friend's houses again. All I know is that house was or is weird. My friend's parents split up so I haven't been back in years. His whole family, swears it's haunted. I have had many more experiences there, but this was the most frightening.

Brian, MA, USA
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