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The Shadow People

Amy, Minnesota, USA
May 1998

When I was little, my parents would leave the door to my bedroom open at night, as well as theirs, so I wouldn't get scared. Every night (or almost every night) until I was old enough to sleep with my door closed, I would see shadows walking past my door. All night they would parade in slow motion past my door to the end of the hall, into my parents' room and into their bathroom. They all looked the same, just silhouettes darker than the darkness, and they seemed to move in slow motion. Every once in a while, one would put its hand on my doorframe and peek in to look at me. I was never very afraid of them, probably because I was too young to understand that they weren't supposed to be there. If I wanted to go wake up my mom to get a drink or something in the middle of the night, I would just get in line with them until I was in my parents' bedroom, and then get out of the line to go wake up my mom. They were never there on our way out of her room. I haven't seen them for years, and I never told anyone because it's kind of strange and I put it up to my imagination as a child. Then about two years ago, my family and I were sitting around telling scary stories and I said something to the effect of "oh yeah? well I saw shadow people when I was younger." and my sister, who is eight years older than I am, said "I did too." After that I've had no doubt. She said she used to see them during the day, hiding behind dressers and things, looking at her. I said I hadn't seen them recently and she said she had but she wouldn't talk about it.

A couple nights ago I was talking to my mom about it and she said she saw one, just once, when she was little. She tried to tell me it was either my imagination or that they were something reflecting into the hall. It wasn't like I saw one once, I saw hundreds of them, walking, night after night. I haven't seen them again, but I assume they're still here in the house. I don't know.

Amy, Minnesota, USA
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