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The Shelter

January 2002

Over the past summer, my Mom finally let my brother Ryan and I go stay with our sister Hayden in Hawaii. Sure, sounds like fun, not when you arrive in the middle of storm season. Days later we were forced into the storm shelter during a serious hurricane, alone, for days, at least what we counted. The three of us were scared, and lonely, until Walter came to stay with us. Walter was the janitor at the apartment buildings where Hayden lived. He was very nice and kept us occupied with stories of his past life and wisdom. The day after Walker arrived, a man, dressed in what looked like an officers uniform found our sheltered area. He seemed very nice, saying that he was coming to rescue us. Hayden, my brother, and I were relieved that this man who never introduced himself, was here to help us. But, Walter had a different reaction, he told the man to leave, and never come back.

We were furious, only my brother spoke up. "Walt, that was our only way of getting out, why did you do that?". Walter never looked at us, only told us yet another story.

"I've met that man before, back during the war". We all glared at him, that man was to young to have been in any war, at least thats what we thought. His name, is Death".

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