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The Shelter Ghost

March 2003

To begin with, my coworkers and myself are not drug users, drinkers, mentally ill, or hysterical types. We are rational educated people. For some time now, our workplace has been the scene of unexplained phenomena. We have a ghost who appears after board meetings. She can be seen sitting in the office beside mine. She looks like a living, breathing person, aside from the fact that she is dressed in old-fashioned clothing, much like an Amish woman. She appears after board meetings, and only our director has seen her. Our director is a very sane woman, very rational, honest, and a no-nonsense type.

Other odd occurrences include another woman who can be seen in the bathroom on occasion. She appears only to children. They also report that she is wearing old-fashioned clothing as well.

I work late often, sometimes being the last to leave the office. I've heard footsteps when no one else is present, heard the whimperings of a puppy when there were none present. Lights are turned on and off of their own accord, doors are opened and closed, objects disappear and reappear, driving me batty when it happens.

Others have reported the distinct scent of lilacs when there were no flowers, scented candles, perfumes, potpourri, or air fresheners around. There are cold areas in the building, and we have all felt a presence when no one was there.

You know how you can "feel" that someone is there? I've turned around on several occasions to see who was there....I saw no one.

The paranormal occurrences at our shelter have never been threatening or overtly frightening. We feel that the ghost or ghosts are not there to scare us. We just co-exist with our "unpaid staff member".

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