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The Short Visit

Ohio, USA
April 1998

My stepfather was a great person. He passed away from a massive heart attack as he was building a fire in his fireplace at home. My mother found him, but it was too late...he died in their living room. I loved this man more than words could say. Frank was a giving and loving person and would have done anything for anyone. He worked hard all of his life and was only 65 years old when he died. This man had 10 biological children and always told me (even though I was his stepdaughter) that I was one of his favorite people. When Frank died, my mother came to stay with me so I could help her through her grieving process. Frank did a lot of remodeling work in my house and one big project he worked on was my bathroom. He had replaced all the plumbing, flooring, sub-flooring, etc. I have to describe my bathroom. The main entrance runs off the main hallway of this ranch style home. The bathroom is "L" shaped and there is two doors in this room. The second door is an entrance to my bedroom.

One day after Frank's funeral, I had to get up around 3:00 a.m. to use the bathroom. The door from the bathroom to my bedroom is always closed when I am asleep. I woke up (everyone in the house was asleep, including my mother). I walked through my dark bedroom and approached the bathroom door. I opened the door and there stood a large man in the doorway, standing directly in front of me. It was pitch black moon light this night, so it was difficult for me to make out who was standing there. For a second there I thought it was my son so at that moment I was not frightened at all. I asked my son.."what are you doing in the bathroom in the dark?" I flipped on the light which is directly around the entrance to the door. I had not walked into this room yet as I turned on the light. When the room lit up...there was nobody there! I looked towards the other bathroom door which exits to the hallway, and I was totally shocked when I saw this door was shut! Who was that standing there in the dark as I tried to enter my bathroom? I firmly believe it was my stepfather coming back to check on us before he departed to the other side. This man worked many, many hours in this room and needed to come back one last time. I never experienced this paranormal vision ever again. Just the one time. I was frightened and still am to this day as I enter this room from my bedroom. Now I open the door just enough to fit my arm through and turn on the light before I open the door all the way. I'll never forget it....never.

Ohio, USA
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