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The Silent Whisper

William Smith, Vancouver, Washington State
December 2002

It was a darker than usual night driving along the road to the local movie theatre. I wasn't driving, I was 10 at the time, my parents were.

We were meeting some family friends for dinner and a movie. The rain was coming down in sheets yet the inside of the car was muggy. My stomach started to twinge in pain. I thought it was just gas but it continued. I felt panic but I didn't know why. We were on the freeway going the normal speed limit. Then something strange happened. In a very quite female voice, I felt breath on my ear. It was warm and you could feel the wetness of it. I was sitting on the left hand side of the car against the door to the minivan. The voice said for me to switch to the right hand side of the car in a stern but friendly voice. My parents turned on the defroster to clear the windows while my mom asked me why I was switching seats. As I was buckling up on the right side, my father yelled. My mom and I both looked straight ahead and braced ourselves. We were hit on the freeway by a drunk driver. She was going 90MPH, 30MPH faster than we were going. The car reversed itself and we hit 2 cars in the side. Our van was hit again by 2 vehicles that were involved. The whole left hand side of the car was completely caved in. All I could see from that side was my cup holder that held my soda beverage. The voice spoke again in a smaller whisper into my ear to stay in the car.

That night on the freeway, a total of 9 cars were involved in that accident, broken bones yes, but no deaths. If I were to ignore the voice and stay on the left hand side, I would have died instantly; crushed to death in between twisted metal and 2 cars.

William Smith, Vancouver, Washington State
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