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The Singing Closet

Donna Parish, New York, USA
September 1998

Iwas about five when we moved in this apartment in a two family home. It was once a farmland so we have been told. Old stair- cases adorned the majestic shell. I was always a little sensitive , you know, I could hear and see things no one else could. Or maybe they just shook it off as an active imagination. One day I had been lying on my bed when I heard a small child's voice singing Mary had a little lamb. It had come from my closet. I just froze, all I could do was scream. By the time my mom had come into the room, the singing had stopped. Another day my mom was putting away the groceries to only notice my name written all over the kitchen wall with cake decorating icing. She blamed me naturally, thinking I had been wanting attention. Then thing's starting occurring in front of other family members. Strange demonic laughing would shatter the silence of a room while my mom would be cleaning. The song "Jailhouse Rock" started playing when no radio was even on. Then the family knew it was not me making stories up.

One day my brother went into his room, closed the door to take a nap. Moments later he heard knocking on door, thinking nothing of it. He said "c'mon in". More knocking started. He jumped out of his bed to see why no one came in . He opened the door only to find a disturbing sight. All of the dining room chairs had been interlocked and stacked on top of one another. Then pushed up against his bedroom door. He became a believer that afternoon that something evil was occupying the apartment with our family.

We sometimes would find devilish little faces drawn on the tables around the house. Odd languages would be heard in blurts out of nowhere. The stench of sickening cheap perfume would fill the air then as fast as it was present, that's as fast as it would leave. The only real thing we know about the history is that a teenage boy overdosed on heroin in the room that became mine....

Many years have passed my family and I moved away not too long after all these incidents (thank god). I have not had any other experiences like that since ... I just know no one is totally alone...

Donna Parish, New York, USA
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