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The Sitter

April, NC, USA
June 2006

This is the first and only "supernatural" thing that has ever happened to me.

Me and my mother lived in a mobile home (park) for many years and nothing that I know of has ever happened to explain the "ghost".

In the year 1998 I was in High School and was old enough to be home alone (17). At this point in time my mother woke and left for work before me, so I didn't see her in the mornings before going to school.
One thing I am aware of is her schedule, she gets up at 5am, does her exercises routine, takes a shower, gets dressed and makes her bed before leaving. I must stress this last thing because I've never seen her leave the house before making up her bed, she is usually out of the house at 7am and I get up at 7:30am.

One of these mornings, after I had gotten up, I went directly into the bathroom down the hall to take a shower. While in the shower I heard a big bump in the living room as if someone knocked over one of the side tables next to the sofa. I got out of the shower expecting to see my mother running around looking for something she had forgotten. When I got into the living room everything was normal, no tables turned and nothing on the floor. At this point I just shrugged the sound off and headed into my mothers room to get a red shirt of her's out of the closet (this was my favorite shirt and I wore it often). My mom knew I did and didn't mind.

When I entered the room I noticed right off something wasn't right, I looked around the room and noticed a "sitting mark" on her bed (the mark left behind when someone sits on a freshly made bed). I knew my mother would not have done this seeing she leaves directly after making the bed...after thinking about it for a minute or so I called my mom at work to ask if she had come back home to get anything, when I asked she quickly responded "no" and asked why..I told her I had heard a "bump" in the living room earlier and thought it might be her in the house. She told me it was probably next doors dog playing outside and we said goodbye and hung up. I didn't tell her about the sit -spot on her bed, thinking she might get mad and think I was playing a joke on her.

After a few seconds of calming down I went back into her room to get the shirt. As I walked in I automatically looked at the bed, and to my surprise the "sit mark" was gone! I quickly got ready for school and left.
Later that day, after and my mom and I were home talking about what each of us did today, she got up to go in her room and get her book. All of a sudden she yelled at me, "April!! why did you sit on my bed and not straighten it up again!" I just looked at her and said I hadn't been in her room since this morning and the bed was fine when I left the house. She looked at me with the "I don't believe you" look and went to fix the "sit print", as she went back in she looked at the bed again and the print had disappeared!

This still goes on today every once in a while "the sitter" will come back and sit on my mothers bed.
I don't live with her anymore, and she calls every now and then to tell me our visitor is back. It never hurt anyone or made us feel strange, I think it's just a tired spirit who likes to have a sit and rest every now and then.

April, NC, USA
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