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The Slumber Party

Cheryl, Georgia, USA
June 1999

My story takes place in July, the summer of 1976. My best friend at the time, whose name I will not disclose, was turning fifteen and her parents allowed her to have a slumber party to celebrate. As teenagers are wont to do, we thought it would be fun to stay up all night and tell ghost stories, maybe have a seance, and even sneak out of the house and go walking through a graveyard. We told the ghost stories for about an hour then later had a seance. We tried calling up the usual spirits such as famous people, movie stars, etc. We even tried calling up the famous mirror ghost, 'Bloody Mary'. Unsuccessful in our attempts at calling up spirits, we grew bored and discussed sneaking out of the house and walking down the road to the graveyard. In the end though, we decided against it out of fear of getting caught and the party called off, then someone jokingly said, "maybe we can call up Bloody Mary through the bathroom mirror, after all that's the way you are suppose to contact her anyway'. It sounded like scary fun so we all agreed to play the game of 'Bloody Mary'. The first couple of us who played, nothing actually happened al- though it was scary enough just playing. Then came my best friend's turn. She went into the bathroom, shut the door, and turned out the light (this is part of the game.) A couple or three minutes later the rest of us heard a thump coming from the bathroom. We called to my friend but received no answer. Thinking she was trying to scare us, one of us went quietly over to the bathroom door and, thinking to catch her off guard, snatched it opened. We found my friend on her knees, swaying back and forth as if in a trance or about to pass out. Someone asked her what'd happened but she didn't answer, she only stared into space. We got her up and over to the bed and lay her down. She began to tremble violently. Large whelps, about an inch each in length, began to appear on her face, neck, arms, and legs. By this time we were really scared, and though we tried talking calmly to her, it wasn't helping, for it seemed like the more we talked, the more violently she trembled. Then someone grabbed her student bible and placed it in her hands. She clutched it tightly, as if it were a lifeline or something. Finally the trembling began to subside and the whelps began to fade until they were gone completely. My friend finally drifted off and slept peacefully the rest of the night.

Now there was some doubt as to whether or not she maybe scratched herself, therefore causing the whelps to appear, in order to scare us. The doubts, however, were quickly dispelled the next morning when there was no evidence that the whelps had ever even been there. We knew that if she'd scratched herself, there would've been some tell tale signs on her skin. There were none. My friend remembered nothing of what'd happened after she'd gone into the bathroom that night. Even so, she began to change after that. She began distancing herself from her friends, even I, and I was her best friend. She started getting into trouble at school until she was expelled completely. She would run away from home only to be brought back until she would run away again. This happened several times before her parents decided to have her sent to reform school, (as it was called in those days.) Even after serving her time and being released, she would continue to run away from home. She had never done any of this before that night.

Though she and I would still talk on occasion, we were never very close again, and the events of that night were never brought up. Some months, maybe even a year later, She and her family moved to Brunswick, Ga. We lost touch completely after that. I can only hope that whatever had invaded her that night has finally released her from it's clutches and she is living a normal, happy life...

That is my story.
All of it is true.
Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope you enjoyed it.

Cheryl, Georgia, USA
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