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The Small Dark Blob

March 2005

Feb. 27, 2005

Ok. I don't know how to begin, so I'll just dive in head first. I had a vivid first-hand encounter with the unexplained at about 2:10am in my kitchen last night.

First, a bit of background. While I do believe in ghosts and most other related things, I had only seen and/or heard (smelled?) a ghost on a handful of occasions before this.
This sighting was different. Normally I feel kind of weird about it, you know, like, "ooh freaky", but my brain pushed the panic button on this one.

So, here's my story.

I'm walking into the kitchen from the dining room. The kitchen light is ON. I start to veer to the right to go to the fridge, and out of the bottom of my eye I see this small dark THING scurry off of the rug area and over to the space under our cabinets, about 2ft away. This is when my brain freaked out. In the course of a second and a half that it took that thing to get to the cabinet, a million thoughts went through my head. It was too big to be a roach (we have big ones here, but not three inches long!!) and too small to be a rat (we don't have mice in this area), not to mention it had no tail. By the time it was halfway to its destination, I had realized that this was way out of the normal and locked my eyes on it. It was still indistinguishable, but I did see it kind of flatten out before it disappeared.

It vanished into the 4 inch board rise that my cabinets sit on. Gone. I dropped to my knees as soon as it disappeared, hoping to see a roach, even a really big one, scurrying away down the board (this is the only way that something under there can go, there are no little crannies for something three inches long to hide or get away in). Didn't even see a dust bunny. I stood up, not knowing what to think. "Gee maybe I imagined it..." was the first thing that popped into my mind. The second was a chiding answer: "But you heard it."

If I had just seen this thing, I would think it was a case of the willies... But this thing made a sort of thumping, scurrying, running away noise. It sounded much larger, too. Like some animal that weighed a few pounds instead of ounces running across the tile.

Remember now, that all of this happened very quickly. I'd estimate about 30, 45 seconds. Needless to say, I got out of there quicker than that. I ran back to my room and told my man that I was NOT going to get him a beer ever again (that was the reason for the trip). All I could think was what kind of brownie, imp, ghost or demon had I just seen?. I'd say it took an hour before it fully sank in and I really got scared about what I'd seen, and another twelve or so before I could pull my thoughts together enough to write what happened.

Thanks for reading, and a final bit of info: I did not see one leg on this thing, but I got the distinct impression that what I heard was little heavy feet with claws on tile.

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