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The Soccer Star

Steiny Duong, Ohio, USA
April 2007

Out of all of my weird experiences, this one is by far the most mysterious and unusual one.

It happened after Valentines Day. Soccer practice had just finished and everyone had packed up and were leaving. It was about 8:20pm and it was dark and cold. I was the last to be leaving unfortunately. I had lost my expensive ball and was looking for it. About ten minutes later I found it deep in the trees. Thorns grew everywhere, making it more difficult to reach. Everyone was gone and the field was completely empty. I was half way there when the field lights shut off. Looking back, I saw the headlights of the field manager's car drive out of the pitch black field. Using the moonlight, I carefully stepped through the thorns and reached my ball. As I turned around, I heard someone frantically stepping on dead leaves coming from behind me. Alarmed, I scanned the endless forest. Something deep inside the trees caught my eyes. I squinted to see that a tiny purple and red light was moving about the trees. A cold chill ran down my entire body. I froze as it came closer. The footsteps were louder. The strange light was only three feet away from me it disappeared with the noisy footsteps. I grabbed my ball and scrambled out of the forest ignoring the thorns that scratched me as I came by and quickly got into my car and drove out of the field.

I have no idea what I saw but I was anything but hallucinating. The "Soccer Star", as the manager called it, has been seen several times by other people staying late at night. But he doesn't mind. I get scared out of my wits just thinking about it!

Steiny Duong, Ohio, USA
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