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The Spirit in 212

Velda Henley, TX, USA
December 2009

This is another true story, not made up. I used to work at a motel in San Angelo but will not use their name without their permission.

Room 212 was always a little creepy. We all knew something was not right because several of us had seen something while cleaning this room. It would be a blur in the corner of the eye and when looking where it should have been there was nothing. We would put a chair in front of the door so that it would not shut because we did not want to be there with the door closed.

Well, one weekend the room was rented to some men who had come to hunt during deer season. They rented 212 and 211 next door. These rooms have adjoining doors that they left open during the night.

The next morning one of the men came down to the office and told us of his scary night. He told us that he was asleep when he felt something hit the bed by his feet several times. He was so scared he just lay there and acted like he was still asleep. He said that it must not have been enough to just smack the bed so the spirit started messing with the curtain. He said it sounded like someone running their finger nails down the curtain making a scraping sound. The man said he still tried to lay there quietly. It was then that the adjoining door slammed shut. It woke up everyone else and he told them what had been happening in the room.

We did not admit that we had had experiences in that room, we just said that maybe the next night would be better. After he went outside we heard someone talking loudly and looked out the window and he was in the parking lot telling others about what had happened. He had a small crowd around him. This man had been truly scared and will never forget his night in 212.

Velda Henley, TX, USA
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