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The Spirit In The Library

December 2005

In April of 1998, I was a campus police officer at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. Upon getting hired, the Human Resources Director at the time told me a story of a ghostly figure of a nun that haunted the old library. He told me that a campus security officer had quit his job, due to him seeing the ghostly nun stacking books in the library. I didn't believe him, not until I had my experience.

In December of the same year noted above, myself and two other campus police officers decided to take a tour of the campus. During this time of the month, close to the holidays, the campus is empty due to the end of the semester. When we arrived at the old library, I asked the officers if they heard the story of the ghostly nun in the library. Both officers confirmed to me that they had also heard the story, but didn't believe it either.

We entered the old library and the building was dark. We then began to walk through the building and make jokes of the ghostly nun. As we walked through the second and third floor aisles with our flashlights, we said things like, "Hey sister if you're in here, turn the lights on and off." We also said, "Hey sister throw a book out at us."

When we exited the building, we were still laughing and continued to make jokes of the old presence inside. We stood outside by our patrol vehicles and I looked up into the third floor window. I noticed that a light was on in the third floor. I then asked the other officers, "Why did you all leave the light on up there?" They said,"We didn't you did." At this point, as all three of us looked up into the third floor window, the lights turned off and then on and off and finally on again.

For the first time I felt shivers go up my body, because I knew what possibly could have turned the lights on and off, but I didn't want to believe it. We then entered the building again, but this time not laughing. We checked the entire building and found no one inside. I checked the light switch and it was in the on position, so someone had to have turned on the lights, there was no malfunction in the lights anywhere. I can never explain what was the cause of the lights turning on and off. From that night on, we had more respect for whatever was inside the library.

I no longer work at Our Lady of the Lake University. The University made a new library four years ago. To my knowledge, the old library now is the admissions and registrars building. This is the end of my story and I hope it is used, because I have alot more stories to tell. I also worked at The Shrine Of Texas Liberty, The Alamo and I have stories from there also, good bye for now.

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