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The Spirit Reflector

Maesina, TX, USA
April 2005

People talk about the evil that lurks about the opposite side of mirrors. Something so simple as glancing at a mirror or a screen of some sort can make your skin crawl. Some say that mirrors are the nexus that connects the physical plain to the astral plain.

I always have believed in paranormal anomalies since I was a child, ever since I first heard someone, a female someone say in a perfectly clear tone, "Hello!" while in my room. I went out into the hall and found that the only person in the house was my father (my mother and sisters, the only women in the house, were out shopping.) Since then, I've been looked at as a bit eccentric. The reason why I'm looked on as such is that I'm not afraid to let out my ideas and theories to the public.

The only thing that I didn't much (or didn't want to) believe in was the old 'mirror portal' theory. I myself have never experienced a ghost seen through a mirror. I didn't really want to, being afraid that if I did I wouldn't take a shower for a week.

Then my friend told me something while waiting for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, we'll just call him Bryan, used to have a Reflector Disk that was dangling below the rear- view mirror of his car. She hated it; the way is always spun around as he drove.

My friend (we'll call her Amara) was very much used to supernatural entities surrounding her. She is very much haunted by a family of spirits, malevolent and good, all in her house, but mostly in one room. But because she was so in tune with ghosts and ghouls, she could almost always see them in that reflector disk. She would see someone in the back seat of the car for a couple of spins of the CD and then they would vanish.

Now, Bryan, even though he knew well what Amara was seeing, he didn't think much of it. He simply told her not to look into it. But the way it spun and the knowing of seeing something in there was a bit much. The ghosts were always there at one point and a couple of spins later, they were gone. Every time she saw someone, she looked back but saw no one in the back seat behind her.

One day, Amara was waiting for Bryan to grab something from his house. The disk reflector was just hanging there, spinning very slowly. First it reflected toward the direction outside the passenger side window, then it turned some more and she saw her face staring into it then came to a stop, it showed straight behind her seat on the passenger side.

Her eyes widened at what was there. She would never forget it, and will forever hate that disk for what it showed, stopping in that position. A dark cloud sat in the seat behind her. It was something that, by just her knowing that it was there, made her heart pound and her temperature rise.

At first, it didn't do anything to Amara. It didn't move at all. She kept glancing behind her, but it wasn't there. Only in the reflector could she see it. The reflector began to move slowly, back and forth, but never out of range of the shadow. It still stood behind her, making the car ever more colder.

Then the reflector spun moved a bit more, showing only what seemed to be the shoulder of the shadowy figure. The darkness of it almost seemed to move around the back seat like fog. She tried to rush out of the car but found herself frozen in place. Her muscles and limbs were rigid even as she panicked, wanting out of that car.

Amara still couldn't take her eyes from the reflector, and when it turned back to show the shadow again, its arm was being lifted and stretched toward her. Amara still couldn't move as the dark hand came closer to her neck, almost like it was trying to strangle her.

Just before its hand got past the headrest of her chair, she found her ability to move had returned. She didn't wait one minute. Amara opened the door and nearly fell out of the car. She sat in the patch of grass in front of the window that showed the backseat where nothing was seen, but even then, she could still see it in the reflector. It was then that the reflector decided to spin again, and when it came back to the reflection of the back seat, the shadow was gone.

A few minutes later, Bryan came out and found Amara on that patch of grass with her face sheet-white. It was then that he finally got the picture and took down the reflector disk from inside his car.

After that incident (the same day she told me the story incidentally) Bryan brought the reflector disk and carried it in his pocket. Amara, of coarse ordered him to keep it away from her, but I (wanting to examine this ghostly image inducer further) asked if I could take a look. It didn't look so weird; like any CD you would find. I took a look around with it, aiming it straight behind me but found nothing. No World War army men, no see-through women, and no shadowy specters. I handed it back to Bryan.

And then, just as he was putting it back into his pocket, I saw something. It was very quick, but unforgettable. Behind me, in the shadow of a streetlight pole was a little kid hiding behind it. He didn't look scary at all; it was only a little boy, hiding in fear, or loneliness. When I checked the street behind me, the shadow of the street light was empty.

I don't know why I suddenly saw the boy. I'm not someone who sees a lot of ghosts and spirits like Amara does. Maybe it was because, after she told that story, my extrasensory perception rose up a bit, and I really wanted to see something in that disk. Something to prove that all my psycho babble theories and thoughts were on target. I didn't really know what I was dealing with...until then.

Maesina, TX, USA
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