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The Spirits Who Hated My Children

Shelly, Michigan, USA
October 2004

About 7 years ago my husband and I and our two boys bought our very first home in a town called Belding. Our boys were 5 years old and our youngest was just a baby. On our first day there we moved in furniture and fenced in our back yard. The house was considered town and so our mailbox was on the back side of the house and our mail was hand delivered. Well, we spent all of that first day mainly in the backyard putting up fence. Matter of fact my husband used his trucks headlights to finish the last of it.

We realized during the day that we had fenced in our mailbox so that it couldn't be reached by the postman. So we were discussing where to move it to when I decided (for what ever reason) to check the inside of the box. Inside it were two postcards. BUT, they were stamped with the year of 1911. Some of the writing was readable but most of it wasn't. We both were confused on how they had gotten there because we had been in the yard all day. Plus, the mail doesn't deliver that year anymore:)

So the next day I called the previous owners to see if they knew anything about them. She stated that her husband had put them in there the day we moved in. He had found them in the house years ago under a built in cabinet. She said he thought we might like to have them. Problem was, her husband wasn't there that day we moved in. Her daughter was there removing a couple of last items that belonged to her. But she was in the house, so if she had the postcards, she would have just gave them to us or left then inside. It would have been stupid to go out back and put them in the mailbox.

We thought it to be pretty strange, but like so many other people do, we just let it go. We kept them in the house in our filing cabinet, me thinking they may be worth something someday.

This house was over a hundred years old at the time and had three bedrooms and a sun porch that had been built onto the back of the house. One BR was down with the other two being upstairs. You had to walk through one BR upstairs to get to the other, which I'll call the back room. At first we put our room downstairs and our 5 yr. olds was the first room up then our baby's in the back room. This back room was always cold. But once again, I didn't think anything of it. Our baby would wake several times in the night and I would rush upstairs to feed, change and rock him till he settled in again.

My husband always left for work very early and it would still be dark outside. So sometimes I would get feeling creepy as I sat there and rocked him. But chalked it up to my imagination and being so tired. After a short time we decided to move our baby from the back room into the room with his brother, thinking that maybe it was a little too chilly for him in the back room. When we did this we closed the door to the back room and didn't use it. That's when strange things started to happen.

Both of our boys would wake us up in the middle of the night with a blood curdling scream, at the SAME time. Now if you have children you know how you feel if your child cries cause he is hurt or scared or hungry etc. And it breaks your heart to hear them cry like that. But this was very different. It was like no crying I had ever heard before. It set my veins to ice and I would be trying to go up the stairs so fast that I was actually using both my hands and feet to climb them. Those screams put the fear of terror in me when I heard them. I just can't express how horrible they were.

But when we would get to the room, neither would be hurt, physically. But both would have tears streaming down their cheeks and their faces would be super red from screaming so hard. It still bothers me to this day what they may have witnessed in that room that we didn't. I feel like I failed to protect them from something horrible. After being questioned A LOT, our oldest said that "He" kept pinching him and it hurt. But he didn't mean his baby brother. Who by the way was still in a crib and couldn't walk yet. But when we checked them over there were never any bruises.

Then other little things began. The basement light would never stay off. It was a old earth like basement and creepy. I can remember before we moved in we would ride by there a lot on our way to a friends house and that basement light would always be on. We had already bought the house at that time. I couldn't imagine why the young woman who lived there would leave it on like that. Especially when the rest of the house would be dark.

Our ceiling fan in the dining room went crazy on us. It would be going in one direction and then stop and go the other way. One night my husband and I were up late watching TV in the living room. The sun porch I mention earlier was built off of the living room. But they had left the original door of the house intact. So, you had to open the heavy wooden door with a dead bold before you could go to the sunporch. Well that night everything was locked up and all of a sudden this door just FLUNG itself open. It had been locked and dead bolted at the time. My husband and I just looked at each other and I said "go close the door dear" and he said"no way, you go close the door". :) Well he did end up closing it.

It got to the point where you just felt this presence around you alot. The boys were still screaming at night, but neither Craig or I were effected. Finally a friend of ours whom we hadn't seen for quite awhile because of her working 2nd shift told us something that really scared us. She said she was driving home from work one night and the time was around midnight. She had picked up her little girl from the babysitter. Her little girl looked up towards our oldest's BR window when they were going by and told her mom that our son was looking out the window. Well the mom stopped the car and leaned over so she could see, and sure enough she said our son was pulling back the curtains and looking out at them. Major chills here...We didn't have curtains at those window. We had a shade. We knew without doubt, that they had not seen our son.

I put a for sale by owner sign in the front yard.

The last straw had been when we moved the boys to our room downstairs. Some of the toys were still up, and if they wanted one I would go and get it. Our oldest wanted a toy one night and wanted to go with me. So the two of us went to his room. I had him start down the stairs in front of me on our way down. He was half way down when all of a sudden (I was looking right at him when this happened) his back arched forward as if someone had pushed him in the back, and he flew threw the air and landed on the floor at the bottome of the stairs. When he landed he landed on his back with his neck bent back under him. But thank the Lord he wasn't hurt. I knew though that he had been pushed. If he had slipped on his own he would have fallen, not flew through the air with force.

Sometime after the house was sold I got a phone call from the new owners. She wanted to know if we had had any strange things happen while we were there. Before I told her about us, I asked her what had happened to her. She said that they had a baby girl and she would scream all night as if something was hurting her. I asked where her room was, and they said upstairs. She also told me that the basement light wouldn't stay turned off, and that one day she went outside to take the garbage out when she heard her daughter start to scream. When she went to go back in the house the door shut and locked itself from inside. She couldn't get in. So she went to the neighbors and called the police. They came and no one was inside. Later that week, she was locked out again, and the police came a second time and were not to friendly about it until they found out that the door had been dead bolted from the inside.

I told her to leave, and then my story. They sold also. I don't know what has happened there since, but rumors float around now about the place being haunted. I have since decided to research the history of the home and land. If anyone out there can give me any pointers on where to begin, it would be appreciated.

I forgot to mention that one of the scariest things I experienced there at that house, was the fact that my husband was scared also. He is not the type to squirm easily. Also, I wonder, what the postcards could have had to do with all of this? Hmmm? I still have them. On them is a note about a childs death. But you can't make out all of it.

Thanks for reading.

Shelly, Michigan, USA
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