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The Spite House

September 2003

My name is Jenny and I am 17 years old. I know that some people are going to think that my experiences are fake, but let me tell you right now...everything I am about to tell you is completely and honestly true.

I guess I should start out by describing my house to you.
Its in the old town of Union Bridge Maryland. It is a little brick house on main street. Its nicknamed the "spite house". Because the person who built it (William Cunnings...who also built almost every house in town) built it there in spite of a road that was to go through there.

Anyway...let me take you into the house.

When you first enter the house you come into the livingroom. Next is the kitchen. And if you continue through this you come into another spare room (used to be a kitchen years ago). Then you can go upstairs and when you reach the top of the steps there is a door to your left (a bedroom). If you continue down the hallway there are 2 more rather large bedrooms. And still yet another hallway which leads to a bathroom and attic door...but no attic. Let me explain. Apparently years ago people thought that if a house was haunted all of the spirits lived in the attic of the house. So the people figured if they wanted to get rid of the ghost...all they had to do was cut off the top of the house...getting rid of the attic..and "poof" no more ghost. So...this house has no attic. There is also a 3 room basement in the bottom of the house.

The house was built in 1862. Not many families lived in this house. The first person to own this house was a doctor along with his wife and young son. Apparently the son had the little bedroom (closest to the staircase) which has a window in it.

One day the little boy was playing in his room and must of been in the window for he fell out it and broke his neck, dying. The doctor and his wife then moved.

3 more families lived in there too. Then came mine.

My parents moved into this house with my 2 brothers. They were at the ages of 4 and 6. A few years later I was born.

From the time that we moved until the time that we moved out we had always felt a somewhat evil presence about the house. Everyone in our house was always fighting. Especially my parents. So eventually they divorced. My dad leaving us the house. Now it was just my mom, my 2 brothers, and me living there.

Weird things started happening. Like sounds of people walking up and down the steps. Figures being seen walking past doors. Doors opening by themselves, lights turning on...and what scared me the most was when I was in my brothers room and we were listening to music, the door was shut and we were drawing. Out of nowhere there came a knock on the door. Realizing we were the only ones home, my brother calls out "who is it?" and stands up to open the door, then all of the sudden the door starts shaking and it sounds as if someone is pounding on the door. My brother and I started to yell "STOP!" and finally it stops. My brother opens the door...nobody is there.

About 5 years later my mom has a new husband we are in the same house. I'm about 11 and my brothers are 16 and 18. Even now everyone is still fighting. This marriage only lasted 3 years and they divorced when I was 14. My brothers move out. My mom works 2 jobs and I'm left at home all day.

One day while being at home... I was sitting down in my livingroom watching TV I was laying on the couch when I thought I heard footsteps in my room (which is the room directly over my head) ...startled because I'm the only one home...I get up to see who or what it is. I go upstairs and down the hallway to the last door (my room). My door is shut so I had put my ear to it to see if I could hear anything. And I did. I could hear a faint sound of someone crying. Terrified I opened the door only to see nothing...nobody, just my belongings...but there was one odd pilliow was wet. As if someone had put their face on it crying. I made my mom switch rooms with me because it freaked me out so much. I didn't hear anything or see anything ever again.

A year later my mom and I moved into a new house. I have tried telling her my stories but I don't think she believes me. My brothers believe me though because they had experiences too.

No one fights anymore. And no more experiences. I hope you enjoyed my story...and my experiences.

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