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The St. Joachim Werewolf

Marie-Catherine Carrier-Lambert, Quebec, Canada
April 1998

2 years ago, I went at "La Grande-Ferme de St-Joachim" with my class. When we visited a little village, on an old farm, there was traces of 5 claws on the door. It was very scary because it took place many years ago, in the 20th century (in about 1910), there was a girl named Marie who was in love with a boy named Jean. Her father was giving a party for the wedding of Marie that would be in summer. All the family and friends were invited and they all came. Suddenly, a mysterious person arrived and because it was a happy moment, they let him enter. They took his coat and they wanted to take his hat but he refused. He started to dance with Marie and after a few minutes, he took her outside far from the house and near the farm. The girl was screaming and screaming and the mysterious man killed her and hid her in the farm. He left traces of claws on the door and no-one never saw him again.

The next day, her family was looking to find her. Marie's father found her in the farm. He knew that the guy was not a real person but a werewolf because he saw the 5 claws on the door. Now, many years later, we say that the werewolf comes back every September 1st (the day of the party) to see Marie in the farm. Today, we can observe the claws on the farm's door.

Marie-Catherine Carrier-Lambert, Quebec, Canada
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