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The Stable Boy

March 2006

About 3 years ago when I brought my first horse I had already picked out a stable to rent. It had everything I needed, fields of lush grass and warm stables. It was perfect.

After a few weeks of being there I was talking to Anne, the lady who owned the stables. She was about 70 years old and has owned the stables for many years, before that her grandfather had owned it. Then a girl who kept her horse there walked up and interrupted the conversation. She held up her brand new saddle that she brought that weekend and showed us to us. It had a gash in the leather about 7 inches long. It was truly ruined! She was understandably upset as it had set her back about ?600. Anne apologized and stated that there was nothing she or anyone else can do about it and she should take all her stuff home with her each day. I asked what had caused the damage and she glared at me and walked off. Anne then said that years ago, before her grandfather had brought the land, a family had kept their horses here. A boy, about 6 years old had fallen from his horse and due to the impact of the fall, had died instantly. I was saddened to hear this. She then added that his spirit was still present at the stable yard, causing trouble. As a lover of spooky things I was excited to hear this!

Weeks passed and I still had not seen or heard anything unusual. I was beginning to doubt everyone's stories. But then one day I was walking my horse to the grazing field when he froze suddenly. He refused to move an inch. His gaze did not move from the barn. I wondered what he was looking at, then I remembered the little boy. Was my horse picking up his presence? He still refused to move forward so I turned him around and tied him up outside his stable. He was still looking over at the barn. Part of me was too scared to go and have a look but with curiosity getting the better of me, I ran over. I stood outside and listened carefully. Nothing. I threw the door open and marched in. All the hay bales had been ripped open and strewn everywhere! It was a right mess. I could see dust still floating in the air so it had not been like this for long. I ran through the yard but I was the only one there that day.

After that incident, the little boy made himself known almost every day. I could sense him coming into the stable on many occasions and then he would leave quickly after a few seconds. I figured that perhaps he was shy.

One day while I was filling a bucket up with water my horse suddenly barged past me sending me and the bucket of water flying. I picked myself up and ran to catch my horse. I had definitely left him tied up. The rope was trailing behind him. There could be many explanations on how he got untied but I knew it was the boy. I have always made sure he was tied up securely and today was no exception. He did not untie himself either as he had never done it before and has never done it since.

The boy always played that trick after that and also opening the gate to the field and letting the horses stampede into the yard! The boys presence can sometimes annoy me but I don't feel threatened by him. The fact that he is there often reassures me. The other girls don't mind him either. Apart from when he used to wreck everyone's equipment but now we take it all home with us every night. But if you leave a cup of tea or something unattended he will have great pleasure in spilling it everywhere! Also the typical ghost things like playing with light switches and hiding things!

I have been at that stables for 3 years now and the boy still plays havoc in the yard. I don't sense him to be evil but just like your typical 6 year old boy. I still feel he gets a bit shy now and again because he never plays tricks when your around to see and still disappears when you go into a room. As strange as it sounds I have grown fond of him and would not have it any other way!

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