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The Story of Our Attic

May 2003

My sister and I had decided that we wanted to make our bedroom in the attic of our house. It was nice up there, with a sloped roof and nice hardwood floors. There were two sets of windows in each end of the attic and there was plenty of light in the daytime. At night, there were street lights that shone in both ends of the attic. It wasn't in any way dark or dreary, and we weren't forced to go up there. We were actually very excited about this being "our" room.

We went up to the attic and got ready for bed. We both had twin beds that were about 6 feet apart. We turned the light out and settled down to sleep. That was when all the weird stuff started.

I was laying there with my eyes shut, and all of a sudden, I got scared. I opened my eyes and couldn't see anything. It was like I was in a cave with absolutely no light. It was completely pitch black. I even raised my hand in front of my face and couldn't see it.

While I was laying there trying to figure out why there was no light shining anywhere in the room, I started hearing noises. It sounded to me like a boxes were being shoved across the wood floor. I listened to it for about 10 more seconds and then thought that it was time to get out of there. I called my sister's name. She didn't answer. I called her name again. She still didn't answer. I called her name for a third time and jumped up and ran down the attic steps as fast as I could go.

When I got to the bottom of the attic stairs, I called for my sister again. This time she answered. I said, "Get down here right now!" She came running just like I had. We woke our mom up, and it being in the middle of the night, she thought we were just being children scared of the dark or having had a bad dream. Needless to say, we moved out of the attic the next day.

That wasn't the end of the story though. My sister had her own version. She also got scared and opened her eyes. She also couldn't see anything because the attic was pitch-black. She heard the sounds like boxes being shoved across the floor. But the really weird thing is, she didn't hear me call her name, not any of the three times!

She did, however, hear me go down the attic steps, but she said that I wasn't the only one going down those steps. She heard another set of footsteps running down right behind me!

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