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The Stowaway of the House

June 2004

About four years ago, I moved to a new house.
Well, maybe not so new since it's been here for ten years. Everything was fine here. One night, I was in my bed sleeping when I awoke with a start for no apparent reason. I noticed my door wide open as I'd left it with the hallway light shining brightly. However, what I did not leave at the doorway was someone or something watching me sleep. It had no face and looked like a shadow that was 3 dimensional like a regular person. The room felt cold which was not understandable on a warm summer night.

The figure turned and walked down the hall to the bathroom but I only heard three steps though the bathroom was at least 4 four metres down the hall. Instead of shining the usual yellow light, suddenly it turned blood red. The figure rushed back to look at me and I heard laughing. I kept pinching myself repeatedly because I thought I was losing my mind. I couldn't move or scream despite how terrified I was and my little brother, probably five at the time and too afraid to sleep alone continued to sleep undisturbed beside me. After a few moments, I felt weight and heat on my bed. There was a painful sensation on my chest as though someone were sitting on it or pushing down extremely hard like they were trying to break my ribs and this caused me to have a hard time breathing. I prayed the "Our Father" over and over in my head until I slowly felt the sensation stop and the temperature in my room return to normal. I promptly woke up my little brother and told him to turn on the light.

I told my parents that there was a ghost in the house and naturally, they didn't believe me. After I told them what happened they searched the house to find it empty and questioned everyone of whom knew nothing since they were all sleeping. This left me looking like an absolute lunatic as I refused to reenter my room and they had to drag me upstairs to sleep on the extra bed in my sister's room and on the way there I could hear laughing again and an extra set of feet coming up the stairs with us though I couldn't see anyone.

Once again the cold sensation reoccurred and the "pressing" became worse as my sister slept with no clue of what was happening. I prayed again until it stopped and when it did I passed out. Not owning a cross, I borrowed a wooden one the next day. When I went home, I could smell something burning and close to me. I looked for a source but with nothing cooking and all the windows shut (No smells coming in from outside like a BBQ) I smelled the cross. It was the thing that smelled like it was burning. For the entire week, whenever I wasn't at home the cross had no scent. But whenever I re-entered my home, it resumed creating a powerful burning scent.

It took me a month and seeking much guidance from others but eventually I got rid of the spirit. I anointed myself with holy oil nightly and when I did there were no attacks. I sprinkled salt through the premises, prayed over the room and did a lot of other gimmicks but in the end it worked and I haven't been bothered since.

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