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The Strangled Girl

Justin, IA, USA
August 2015

I have been through a lot spiritually and I am only 18, I have a very strong sense for the paranormal, and am very in tune with the spirit world.

A story of mine: Recently my brother had bought a new house and at the time I had spent a lot of time there with him and by myself. I had been having migraines at the time so my ability to sense was at an all time low. I had slowly been sensing something in the house. A spirit of a little girl. She was a nice little girl that had died at a young age and was abused and locked away in her room, she died at the age of 9 from strangulation. One day I was alone and I heard footsteps and I thought it was nothing until they came running down the steps and stopped in the room with me. I had then gotten curious with the situation as I had not had any major occurrences lately. I got up and followed the spirit upstairs where then a second set of footsteps followed me up and I entered one of the upstairs rooms. I looked around then opened the closet and the door to the room slammed and what sounded like a chain lock, seem to have locked itself. I turned around and ran to the door and swung it open, it seemed as if there was tension before the door swung open then I head footsteps run down the steps then it was over just as fast as it began.

Justin, IA, USA
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