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The Streetlight

Leon Brody Jones, Alabama, USA
March 2006

Almost everybody has had an experience with the paranormal or supernatural at least once in his or her lives, right? Well, I thought I was one of the few to never experience anything dealing with the unknown, until a particular atypical night.

It's the 4th of January, and my companion (Devon) and I were traveling to a party that was located at around 15 miles from our small neighborhood in Alabama. Us, being the average teenager, had to leave a bit early, considering we were at the time just 15 years old and couldn't drive legally without an adult. So naturally, we walked ? our only option if we wanted to attend this bash. It was approximately 7:35 when we left, and it had already gotten dark. We decided not to take a flashlight with us, because neither of us wanted to keep up with it while there. So, we start to walk down the long, narrow, sinister road. Only 2 streetlights were on the road, so we felt a bit uncomfortable. It was that involuntary necessity to speak concerning horror movies and such. We then exchanged ideas about "what-ifs". Here a few that we thought up:

"What if a man jumps out of that bush, right now and tries to murder us?"

"What if there was a creature in that dark alley and started chasing us?"

Naturally, these thoughts gave us the creeps, so we decided to walk a little bit more rapidly. As we neared the end of the street, we approached the last streetlight. Devon stopped abruptly to tie his shoe whereas I waited. I then suddenly exclaimed and urged Devon to look up ? towards the streetlight. There was a cloaked figure right underneath the light, glancing up at it. We paused for what seemed an eternity. We figured it was some drunken college student; so we decided to continue our journey. As we finally approached nearer the cloaked body, or whatever it was, we stared at it. It stared back menacingly. We determined it was discourteous to stare, so we turned to walk swiftly the opposite way. But subsequently heard what sounded like a lamp or light burning out. We both turned around and saw the anonymous person or phantom chasing us very quickly. So unsurprisingly, we ran as well. I turned back to see how far ahead we were, but I noticed the apparition was gone. After attending the party, we returned home, this time on a different path. As we reached our final destination for the night, we retired to my room, where we just discussed the whole event countless times and then eventually writing it down for future purposes.

Now three years later, at the age of 17, we both continue to remember the event and every aspect. We've only told our associates about it, but all of them hardly show a sign of belief. But no matter who tells Devon or myself otherwise, we know what we saw, and believe it. We still continue to live in the same neighborhood, and we haven't had another experience like the one three years ago. But we still are very cautious when traveling upon that dark, gloomy road and the mysterious streetlight. Is it a miracle? A mirage? I think I'll leave it up to you to ponder.

Leon Brody Jones, Alabama, USA
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