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The Student That Never Graduated

Regina Mathews, NY, USA
January 2002

I was in my early forties when I decided to attend College. I choose a local private college that I could make a easy commute. The college was formed as a womans' finishing school in the early 1800's. This ghost story begins in a certain large room divided in two by a large folding sliding door.

With the divider closed the rooms were known as C-A and C-B. In room B there was a Baby Grand piano. When this room was not in use it was a excellent place to study. How I had experienced this entity was as follows.

I was reading and the piano started to play, I looked up and saw a girl around the age of 19 sitting at the piano and playing it. Now I thought her rude. Surely, She saw me sitting here studying. Suddenly, she got up from the piano and rushed out the door into the hallway and was gone. At this time I didn't realize what I had seen. I saw her many times after that over the 4 years I was a student there. It was one of these times I realized something strange about her. I always saw her in the same room doing the same activity. She appeared solid and normal in a physical way. But, still something didn't seem right. Then on one of the sightings It struck me what it was! It was her clothes! The clothes were neat and solid looking but the style was from the 1960's. She was wearing a white blouse 1/4 length sleeves with a flared pleated skirt. I remember thinking I use to wear clothes like that. Now I had something to go on as to the Identity of this entity.

I started asking questions. I asked my husband who was from this area and had worked at this school in the 1960's. He told me there was a fire at this school and a girl student had died in the fire. In the office lab I learned that strange things happened there also. When we would talk about the entity the turn table beside the instructor's desk would turn as if a invisible finger was turning it! This was witnessed by the instructor, myself and other students who frequented the office lab many times.

There were times when I was in class on the other side room divider and hear the piano start playing. Some of the other students heard the music and some of the students didn't and said so. The professor didn't seem to hear the music but checked to see if some one was at the piano. He said there wasn't. I graduated, but couldn't help thinking that student from the 1960's never will.

Regina Mathews, NY, USA
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