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The Subway Ghost

Katy, TX, USA
October 2015

The last place you expect to be haunted is a big name fast food chain on a busy road. I know when I started working at Subway I brushed off any stories my co-workers would tell me about a ghost in the building.

I've since then become a believer. Nothing that's happened to me or to my co-workers has ever seemed scary, just abnormal. I don't think our ghost (whom my co-worker has named Fred) means any harm, I just think he wants us to know he's there.

One of the most common things Fred does is mess with the doors. Numerous times we've heard the door bell ring only to find that nobody has come in or out of the store. It should be noted that the doors to the store are fairly heavy and it takes some effort to push them open. Once, I was cleaning up the front lobby, there was one customer in the store and my co-worker was up front with me as well and the side door just opened of its own volition. All three of us clearly saw what happened and there wasn't even a wind outside to account for the door opening.

Besides the doors opening, things that have clearly been secured and haven't been moved for days will mysteriously fly off the walls. Fred will also often change the radio volume or even flat out turn the radio off. One time he even turned the radio up so loud I had to shout at my co-worker before they could hear me. I've noticed though, he only turns the radio up on rock stations and turns it down or off on country stations. Seems Fred is picky about his music.

Many times, while I'm working, usually when I'm by myself, I'll see a shadow without something to cast it. I've often felt like there is a presence standing behind me even when I'm alone.

There's nothing particularly scary about our ghost, but I thought it was pretty funny that Fred decided to haunt a Subway of all places.

Katy, TX, USA
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