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The Tale of the Homestead Restaurant

Florida, USA
November 1998

One day three years ago yesterday I was at the Homestead Restaurant here in Jacksonville, Florida, USA and I was eating chicken and dumplings (what a great meal huh?). Well any way I asked to be excused to go to the restroom to touch up on my make up. So I left the table and went into the restroom, I saw this figure in the mirror and it wasn't my reflection it was the figure of the lady who originally owned this restauran. The restaurant was originally an adoption home until the lady (who's name was Miss Angle Rosenburg) decided to change it into a restaurant known as the Homestead Restaurant which is still standing to this very day.

In the 1860's she died by hanging herself in the back of the restaurant. Then ten years later her daughter Annie (she is called that by the employees of this restaurant) hung herself in the storage closet because she was depressed. Any ways as I was saying this reflection was Miss Rosenburg, it was pale as any thing in this world and she said "Enjoy what you do and take care of those around you." Which made me scream so loud I almost broke some glass. When I walked out everyone was staring at me like I was an idiot or something. Then one of the employees said to me "She scared you and told to enjoy what you do and take care of those around you"?. Which I responded with a "yes!". Then another employee said " that is all she ever says and just two days earlier she was watering our fake plants". Of course I responded with "okay whatever". The employee continued and said "She was just keeping the place clean and well tended too". After the employee said that I was relieved that I was not the only one that saw her.

This story may not seem scary to you but to me it was the most scariest thing that I had every seen in my life, but I was glad that I had seen her for some strange reason, yet I still don't know why at all. See now everytime I think about it I just tend not to care so much on why she scared me so badly. Probably I was the first teenager that she had ever scared or she was just plain bored and wanted someone to talk to, I'll never know. So basically I'm a believer now, so what about you? Well I know I am. I'll send some more stories about Miss Rosenburg and her daughter Annie when I see them or hear about them again, especially when I go back to have chicken and dumplings (which every time I eat that I think of Miss Rosenburg and her daughter).

Florida, USA
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