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The Tap Dancing Ghost

Minnesota, USA
April 1999

One summer a few years ago, my family decided to take our yearly summer vacation in a small town west of where we lived. We had the opportunity to rent out a house for a couple of days with two other families we are friends with. My mother set up the details of the rental and she used good judgement in not telling the others what she had heard. The house was an old morgue, complete with spirits, according to her sources. Had the others known, they probably would not have gone along with it. We arrived, and me, being aware that it was supposedly haunted, decided to take a thorough look around the house and grounds.

Everything seemed normal enough, I did, however, get a strange feeling walking around while everyone else was outside.

We spent a nice couple of days, biking, hiking and enjoying each others' company. On the last day while everyone was out on a final bike trip, my mother and I were alone in the house. She was packing up odds and ends in the kitchen while I was a few rooms away, sitting on the couch reading a book. I heard someone in the kitchen merrily tapping their feet and whistling a happy little tune. I thought it was my mom, but a few seconds later, she walked out of the bathroom.... Now, my mother is not one to whistle and tap dance in the bathroom, but of course I asked her anyway. "No" came the reply and I felt a chill race up my spine. Had I really heard that? The song was still fixed in my head and I hummed it out for my mom, who did not recognize it. My ghost story, though not startling, scary or eventful is absolutely true. There is no way that anyone else could have been in the house, I checked. I had been on the lookout all weekend for something to fall off at table, a misty fog or moaning. I feel that the spirit was saying he was friendly, and I could let my guard down. I am glad to have had this experience.

Minnesota, USA
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