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The Tape Recorder (2)

Andrew Firley, NSW, Australia
September 2000

Back in the early 1980,s a friend and i were watching a programme of people placing tape recorders on graves and supposedly hearing voices. we both thought, hey lets try this!

So very late one night we rode (motorbikes) up to the Prospect graveyard (henry lawson is buried their) and placed the tape recorder on a womens grave, died circa 1870,s. We went away laughing and came back about 2 hours later picked up the recorder and went. Whilst riding back, (my friend had the recorder on him) we rounded a very simple bend and he went straight off the road, why he doesn't even know.

When reviewing the recording all we heard was a lot of heavy static so we threw the tape away.

But weeks later when his mum was using the recorder to tape organ lessons, she replayed the tape and heard a womans voice talking/arguing on the tape.

Not knowing what the recorder had been through, she thought, problem with recorder, when putting it back into the bedroom, she saw a woman standing in the room looking straight at her. Once told what we had done, she totally freaked out and threw the recorder away.

Andrew Firley, NSW, Australia
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