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The Theatre

August 2001

I grew up in a small town in PA. As a young girl my mother took me to see shows at a local theater to see plays every year. As a grew up I decided that I wanted to become involved with theater and become a costume designer.

At the age of 16 I started to work at the same theater every summer. There were tons of stories going around about this theater that people heard voices late at night when nobody was on the stage and they would see things moving out of the corner of their eyes.

The summer of 1999 I was working at the theater when I started to hear even more stories. The whole company was talking about strange happenings. For one there was a show going on and there was a tapping at the trap door on the stage thing is the door was not in use for this show. The actors paid no attention to it at the time.

The next night the tapping got louder as if someone was trying to open the door. The actors tried to ignore it again then just got angry and stomped on the door and said stop it. It did.

There is also sightings behind the stage in the walk ways there is one of a lady in a long flowing white dress. A friend on mine was there a few times working with me on a show. She has seen her many times.

In the props area there are balls of light that show up during the night. They float around for a while then are gone just as fast as they have shown up. Also down in the wood shop there is a very evil feeling that comes over you when you go into the paint shop. The feeling that comes over you is full hatred. You just want to run as soon as you step into that room. I could go on for hours with stories.

This theater is like a second home for me even though I have moved out of town and now live in NYC. Every time I go back to visit there are more stories of sightings and strange happenings.

The theater was once an old barn that was converted to a theater several years ago. If you would like to go and check it out please do. The theater is Millbrook Playhouse located in MIll HAll, PA.

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