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The Thing at the End of my Bed

Anonymous, IA, USA
November 2019

I am 25 years old. I live in a small town in southern Indiana. My story takes place when I was 13 years old. The most terrifying night I have ever had.

I remember being asleep in my bed and being woke up instantly with that horrible feeling of fear and dread. I looked at my alarm clock ironically enough it was a little after 3:00am. The street light from outside my window was giving me enough light I could see most of my room. That is until I looked at the foot of my bed. There stood a figure black as the darkest black.

My muscles all tensed up at the time, the fear and dread gave me a horrible feeling. It just stood there watching. All I could do was scream my body was frozen. As soon as I screamed my mother busted in the door. The light from the hallway shown in the room the figure was gone. I immediately told my mother what I had seen. She made me sleep with her that night. Here I am 13 years old sleeping in my mother's bed with the lights on like I am a small child scared of the dark but I was afraid of what was in the dark.

We moved shortly after and I have not seen it since. The only thing I could think to call it was an evil presence. The fear I had was as if I seen the devil himself. I will never forget the experience I had.

Anonymous, IA, USA
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