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The Thing That Taps On Windows

September 2003

Hi. I live in Soldotna, Alaska. The story I'm going to tell you is one I heard from my friend Kristi. I'm really not sure whether to believe it or not, but it sure gave me the creeps after hearing it. According to Kristi, this happened when she was only a baby, so her mom just told her the story a few years ago.

Kristi, her mom, and her cousin Suzanne were staying up north in a cabin one weekend. It had just snowed the following night so everything was covered with maybe 3 inches of snow. It was morning, they had breakfast, and Suzanne volunteered to do the dishes.

While Suzanne was doing the dishes, she heard a "tap...tap...tap..." She looked around confused, then shrugged, and resumed cleaning the dishes. A few seconds later she heard "tap...tap...tap..." but this time it was louder and she knew it came from the window above her and the kitchen sink. She slowly looked up, leaped back, dropped a plate, and froze.

Kristi's mom heard the plate break and ran into the kitchen. She gasped. Staring at them, were two small black beady eyes, along with huge sharp fangs about 4 inches long, and the body was covered with brown fur. The thing held up a large paw that had large black claws and tapped on the window again. Kristi's mom was scared half to death, but she got enough courage to look down and walk over to the window and shut the blinds.

The tapping continued for about 15 minutes until it finally stopped. Kristi's mom crept over the window, with her heart beating rapidly, and opened the blinds. The thing was gone. Kristi's mom looked down from the window onto the ground. Like I said earlier, it just snowed that night while they were sleeping, and there were no footprints in the snow.

After that incident, they grabbed all their stuff, packed up, and drove home, just wanting to get away from their cabin. The story did scare me for a while but now it's just fun going around and telling people about it. Thanks for reading it. :)

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