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The Things in the Fog

Brian, Indiana, USA
March 2000

This happened about a year ago. It happened at my friend "Katie's" house.

She has a tree house in her backyard from when she was younger and sometimes we still go up there and sit in it and talk. It has a great view of a field that is across the street from her house. On the opposite side of the field is a a wooded area.

It was about 2:00am and we were sitting in the tree house, just talking, when she commented on how foggy it was at the field. I had already noticed this but for some reason didn't say it. The fog was the thickest fog I had ever seen, I couldn't even see the ground. We talked about the fog for a minute or two before deciding we should go walk through it. As we crossed the street I noticed the fog looked almost comically thick like a cheesy horror movie effect. The fog was also in the street but it was not as thick as it was in the field. Katie joked about an axe murderer being in the field and how I would have to protect her. To get that joke you have to realize I'm the scrawny guy who always gets the dodgeball in the face in gym class:)

Anyway we were in the field by then when I heard a weird galloping sound in the grass. Katie grabbed my arm and scared the hell out of me so I know she heard it too. I thought maybe it was a big dog but whatever it was I didn't want to see it up close so I suggested we go back to her house. We turned and began walking quickly away when something came out of the fog. I heard it a second before it appeared. It looked like a little gnome with a full beard and long hair. I think it had a cap on too. It was running on all fours like a dog. We didn't even scream when we saw it, we just turned and ran. I was terrified and certain I was going to die.

As we ran I saw something directly in our path, at first I thought it was a big plastic shopping bag blowing in the wind. It was another gnome thing, but this one was standing up and it looked like it was dancing. I thought I was going to run into it but somehow I managed to jump. I saw it flinch like it was going to get hit. As I jumped my foot caught it right in the face. I felt like I had kicked something solid and it made a noise like "OOF!" in a weird scratchy voice. We turned around right then and started running back toward the house again.

I didn't see the first thing as we ran into the street. When we were in her yard I glanced back and saw two of them running at us on all fours.

I got to the door first and tore it open as we came stumbling through. I bolted the door before we ran into the kitchen and looked for weapons. I was looking for a knife and they have a knife holder on a counter that's right under a window. I heard someone frantically banging on the window like they wanted my attention real fast. I looked up and saw one of the things in the window, it pointed at me and sneered. Then it hopped off whatever it had been standing on and disappeared. We spent the rest of the night in the bathroom with two giant knives but nothing ever happened.

We didn't tell her parents when they got home but they could tell something was wrong. They really bugged her about it the next couple weeks but she said she never told them. I still don't know what those things that chased us were. They could have been humans in costumes but I doubt it. If you have any idea what they were or have had a similar experience e-mail me at I really have no idea what these things were so only e-mail me if you are serious.

Brian, Indiana, USA
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