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The Things Unseen

November 2007

I always knew that I was different from everyone else. I could see things that no one else could and I could hear things that no one else in the room seemed to hear.
You're probably thinking, "This girl is crazy. All she needs is a shrink." But sometimes I wish that was the case.

What I have is much more than just insanity. It's a gift, and sometimes a burden.

I knew that something was different about me when I was younger. I would hear a voice in my hallway. It would beckon me to go to it. But I was afraid, and it seemed to know. I would walk down the hall leading to my room, and the voice screeched, "Come here, little girl." I immediately jumped back and ran into my living room. When I tried to go into my room, the voice asked, "What are you afraid of?" The voice I heard was scratchy and aggressive, but clear as if someone were standing right beside me and speaking. Another incident took place when I was twelve. I was sitting on my bed in the dark. I was supposed to be asleep, but I just couldn't seem to get any rest. So I just sat there in the darkness. Suddenly, a pale green light flashed in front of my face, and a woman's face could be seen. Her eyes were sunken into her head and closed. Her skin was the same pale green color as the flash. She looked almost dead. I didn't know who she was, or why I was even seeing her. She didn't stay long. After about five seconds, she was gone. That was the first time that I had ever seen a person, but it wasn't the last.

I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car, staring out of my window. My dad was going to pick up my mother from her night classes, and as usual, I was forced to come along. A red car drove up in the lane beside us. It had tinted windows. They were so black, I couldn't see through them. We stayed next to them for quite a long time. The people in the car looked nice. They were a young couple, maybe in their late twenties. I wasn't sure. I couldn't help but stare at their car. I was drawn to it for some unknown reason. And then it happened. A blue flash filled the entire middle row of the van, and a small boy appeared in one of the seats. He was probably the most frightening thing I have ever seen. He wasn't bloody or torn up. He didn't look like something you would see in those bloody horror films. But his eyes were so dark. His entire body seemed to be illuminated by a blue glow; the same blue glow as the flash. He was just sitting there in the middle seat, glaring at me. I swear, if it were possible, his glare would have made my blood run cold as ice.

He was a young kid. He looked about seven or eight. His hair was dark and his clothes were dull. He wore a dark jacket. His clothes looked like they could have come from the forties. He looked angry and disturbed, like he had seen or experienced something. He looked almost as if he lacked a soul and all that was inside was hate and anger. Many things about that experience disturbed me. For one, the windows were tinted so black that you couldn't see through them, yet I was seeing this boy so clearly. For two, I couldn't tear my eyes away from him. Another reason was that the people in the front seats didn't seem to notice the flash, though it filled the entire middle row of the car. And last, his glare. I can still see his face when I close my eyes. And finally, I have felt energy. But I could never explain where it came from.

I was once in a room by myself. No one was home. I was happy to have gotten rid of my family for a little while. I went into my bathroom to brush my hair. So I faced the mirror and began to brush through my long brown hair. I suddenly felt uneasy. I didn't know why. I was perfectly fine. But then my uneasy feeling turned into a fear. I felt a strong presence behind me. It seemed to be right against me, as if hugging me. But it was no comforting presence. I suddenly wanted to scream. At first I was starting to have doubts that I was really alone. I thought that it was my brother messing with me. But I wouldn't have missed him walking through the door. I tried to hold the scream in my throat but it came out. It sounded as if I was being murdered. My heartbeat increased and my breathing became heavier. I spun around and swung my arms out as if I expected to hit something. But I just found myself alone.

I can't explain what happens to me. I guess that I'm just one big "spirit magnet." People can doubt me and say that I'm just a bit psycho. But I know that there is more to death than people think.

You just have to take a closer look.

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