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The Third And First Floors

Alesha, Oklahoma, USA
March 2007

I go to college in Oklahoma, and I picked one of the oldest schools to go to, it used to be a boarding school for Native American children and then a home for orphans, it was built in 1880. With a school of this sort of history it is bound to have some haunted history.

I lived in the girls dorm my freshmen year at this college, I have since moved off campus, and I had heard stories of it being haunted but just thought this was the juniors and seniors way of playing pranks till the 1st or 2nd week living there.

I had been sitting at my computer, minding my own business when I heard a ball bouncing down the hall and a child giggling, guest hours are over at midnight, and I thought to myself what child would be running up and down the hall at 1 in the morning?. I opened my door and looked up and down the hall to find nothing, I brushed it off as maybe they went into someone's room till I heard it again and checked as soon as it passed my door and still no one. By this time I was slightly creeped out. It wasn't till later that when I asked one of my friends about it was that she told me the first and third floors were the most haunted.

My friend had been there longer than me so I asked her if there was anything else I should know about the dorms, and she said yes that there were more stories.

The year before she had roomed alone and one night after practice she had returned to her room, she did everything like she normally did and she was putting her things away as she turned around, she seen a girl or woman in a white dress with long black hair brushing her hair in the mirror and as she turned around to look at her she slowly disappeared, afterwards she refused to room alone again. Another friend who had roomed on the first floor said she been laying in her bunk when her pictures above her started getting poked at, she wasn't sure she was hearing it till she flipped open her phone and checked the time and as the light reflected upon the pictures she could see where the poking was at, freaked she called out to her room mate and told her what was happening, her room mate said she could come up there where she was, and as they lay there, they could hear the poking of the picture getting louder and then something kicked the bottom of the bed really hard, it did it twice or three times before it stopped.

My friend who lived on the third floor also told me about the man in the bathroom.
One night a girl went to use the bathroom and as she was washing her hands, she noticed a man sitting in a chair with long black hair, just hanging his head low, he was Native American, it was past visiting hours, she didn't turn around she just spoke to him in the mirror, when he didn't respond she turned around and saw that no one was sitting there but when she turned around toward the mirror again he was there, she ran out of the bathroom and refused to use that bathroom ever again.

One night while I was up late watching T.V., I kept getting the feeling someone was watching me from the closet, the closet had no doors, and I just thought maybe it was all in my head or it was the show I was watching, so I turned the station only to still have that feeling. I decided to turn the T.V. off and as I did the feeling wouldn't go away, so I threw the covers over my head in hopes it would go away but never did, till the next morning.

One night two of my friends and I, one who happened to be an RA, or resident advisor, went to the first floor, because it was closed for some reason and was going to be re opened the next semester, as we went to the middle rooms nothing seemed wrong about them but the rooms at the end seemed to have a strange feeling about them. As we approached there were dead bugs everywhere only at these two ends and nowhere else, we joked trying to relieve some tension, every other room opened really easily till we got to our friends old room who said it was haunted, we tired to the key and it wouldn't turn so we started to joke around asking can we be let in, still nothing, till our one friend who is a smart ass by nature, said " Can we come in, pretty please with sugar on top?" in a cutesy voice, well apparently it worked because the door opened by itself, very slowly and a cold breeze came out to greet us. After this we stopped and went back upstairs.

After I had moved out, my friend told me they did open the first floor up, and at the time when I asked only one girl had said she had anything happen, like a ball bouncing in front of her room after hearing giggling outside the door.

Alesha, Oklahoma, USA
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