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The Third Floor

Kryssie, PA, USA
July 2001

I went to a Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin. Before it was a Christian College, it was a Catholic Monastery in which many "things" happened. Many, many, many stories surround the Main Building of the campus, but especially the third floor.

Now, I do not personally know if many of these stories are true, but I will share with you three, one of which happened to me.

First of all, the third floor of the Main Building contained practice rooms for those involved with music, a few class rooms, and a small auditorium with a stage (for theatre recitals). One of the class rooms had a piano in it for the music classes that were held in that room. One night, as a security guard was making his rounds (about 11 pm, I believe), he heard the piano playing in that room. He thought this was odd as the Main Building closed at 9:45 pm. As he neared the door, the music stopped. He opened the door, turned on the lights and looked around. No one was there. Befuddled, he turned off the lights, closed the door and started back down the hall. Half way down the hall, the piano started again. He didn't bother to check.

One night, I was in the last practice room in the hallway next to the big circular window. I was practicing for my voice platform and I heard footsteps up and down the hall. I thought nothing of it as there were seven practice rooms, and people were always walking around looking into the rooms. It was roughly 9:00 pm. After about ten minutes of hearing the footsteps, I listened to the other rooms...there was only one other person practicing, which meant, five rooms were available. I opened the door and looked down the hall to see no one. After another 15 minutes, the other person left. The footsteps started to hover around my door. I started to get freaked out and just called it a night for practicing and ran down to the Student Center to be in the company of actual people.

(Last one, I promise) The hallway in Music Hall (where the practice rooms were) had a large circular window at the left end of the hall and a door to a fire escape on the right. One night soon after the college was founded (in 1968), a security officer was checking lights and doors and whatnot when he ventured to the third floor and Music Hall. He opened the doors and looked to the right and saw a figure hunched over in the corner, rocking. The figure was shrouded and looked very ill at ease. He turned on the light in the hall way and spoke to the figure. "Sir, is there something I can help you with? I really can't have you here in the Main Building." The figure stood slowly, then cried a bit and quickly turned around. His face was covered in blood. He looked right at the officer and ran down the hall way, hurling himself out of the window, which happened to be open (odd for a fall semester in Wisconsin). The officer quickly ran down the stairs and out the door to the pavement below the window. There was no one around. There were no footprints in the snow, no blood, and no body. He looked up at the window. It was closed and the lights were off...

Kryssie, PA, USA
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