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The Three Women

June 2009

My grandmother has always been a strong believer in spirits and the paranormal. I can recall numerous times were my grandmother recalled stories of ghosts and ghouls. But there was one story that I always thought peculiar. When my Grandmother and her sister were children they had a friend who lived next door. She is now dead. Anyway one evening as they were walking home they were approached by three women. They stood before them at the very top of the hill. (My grandmother neighborhood was on a large hill.) They stood there quietly watching these three women. My grandmother recalled them with long hair, short dresses, pasty white, transparent, and there were no feet standing on the road. My grandmother being the bravest of the three girls called out "Who are you?" In response the three women seemed to hover off the ground. Floating in midair! They quickly vanished into the air, into a mist. Terrified my grandmother's sister and friend ran home. To this day my grandmother tells me she gets a chill when she recalls this strange story.

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