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The Tobacco

October 2004

What you are about to hear is a true story. The year was 1998 and I was six, turning seven. Now I am 13 turning 14, I told this story to a lot of people. Its about my great grandmother who was 86 at the time, she lived with her daughter which is my grandfather's sister and what they'd do all day is sit in their rocking chair and smoke tobacco.

One day my grandma (my grandpa's sister) told me to go check on my great grandma and wake her up because she'd been sleeping for a long time. And so I went and I tried to wake her up, I was six at the time so I really didnt know anything. So I went out into the porch and told my grandma (my grandpa's sister) that she wouldn't wake up, so my grandma went in there....and suddenly we heard her screaming and sobbing, so we all went in there and we all figured wat happend.....that our great grandmother has passed away.

That night we slept over my grandma's house because we figured she was scared, but she kept on insisting that she wasn't.....we all slept over anyways. All night my cousins and I stayed up talking because we couldn't fall asleep. So we finally fell asleep...except for my cousin and I (best friend too). About 2 or 3 in the morning we start to hear some noices, it was like someone lighting a ciggarette or a tobacco, so we covered ourselves with the blanket. After a while we took the blaket down to see if someone was there. And right there and then we saw our grandmother smoking a tobacco watching all of us, sitting in her rocking chair. And that was just the first day! There's more.....

The third day we went out of town to go pick up my other grandma, so that she could attend the funeral. We got home about 2 or 3 in the morning, the same time we saw our great grandma. Everyone got out of the car and went to sleep including me, so this next experience happened to my cousin.

My cousin was the driver so he had to park the car and he was the last one to go inside the house. He saw an old lady dressed everything in black smoking tabacco under the tree, he thought it was our grandma (my grandpa's sister) grieving, so he went and tried to comfort her. When he put his hand on her, the old lady turned, and her eye was gone and her face was all black.

My cousin came into the house running and crying out for help. He woke everbody up! So we got up and we were all like,"WHAT'S GOING ON!". He told us what happened and when we went to look outside there was no one there. And when we returned, there was a lit tobacco on the door step.

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