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The Touch

Doug Onufro, Pennsylvania, USA
February 2000

Iwas swimming in my grandmother's pool one day when we got a call that one of our neighbors had had a heart attack. None of my family were able, so I drove his wife out to the hospital, soaking wet and with my glasses on (I had contacts but I took them out to swim). She got to the hospital only to find out that he had died. My family and I stayed at her house for a while to help her with the final arrangements. Every morning when I would go down to eat breakfast I would hear footsteps approaching me. I would always shudder and gasp just about every time.

This went on for a week or so. Then one morning I stayed in bed because I had been up all the night before. I was woken up by the footsteps again, I was scared to death and all I could do was lie there and act like I was sleeping. I had my eyes shut and then suddenly I felt a soft touch on my shoulder, like someone had put their hand on my shoulder. I gasped and awoke, frightened to death. The feeling disappeared, and I never heard the sound again. I think he was trying to thank me in a way and every time he was coming I got scared. He realized I wasn't ready, but he finally got to do it, I guess.

That was the most frightening experience of my life!

Doug Onufro, Pennsylvania, USA
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