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The Tower Maiden

Yetti Scott Willard, Maine, USA
June 2006

This ghost has been sighted in a house located in Castine, Maine, USA, which is right on the coast. It is a town that had been established during the revolutionary war. This house the first residential building in that spot and the original owner is unknown. When the 13 colonies went to war with Great Britain for their independence, the spot had been turned into a fort to defend the colonist from British ships. During the battles, the owner of this house fought British soldiers in his own front yard to protect his wife. While he struggled to survive, his wife had been watching him from the watch tower built into their house. When her husband set out to sea she waited for him to return every day until one day she committed suicide by jumping out of the tower window. My relatives currently own this colonial, seaside home with a beautiful atmosphere and a nice quiet little town... during the day. At night you can hear a woman sobbing and pounding on the walls in the tower. If you attempt to ascend the extremely steep, wooden staircase at night you may catch a glimpse of her blue, ghostly figure, gleaming down at you from the top of the stairs... her neck and shoulders limp. In strange occurrences you will see her in other areas of the house.

My relatives own a picture of a profile outline of her shining in a small counter mirror set on a table in the lounge. It is also a fact that dozens of soldiers had been killed in battle on the front lawn of their home during the war and after a colonial victory, British bodies were hung from the large tree to the right of the front of the house.

Ever going to Maine? Stop into Castine and check it out. If you don't know where to go just ask a local how to get to the house with the Tower Maiden.
They'll know what you mean.
Everyone knows.

Yetti Scott Willard, Maine, USA
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