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The Tower of London Experience

North Carolina, USA
October 1999

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit London and hit many of the famous historical sites. I have always heard about how haunted the Tower of London is, but when I visited it I was much more enamored with it's beauty and history than if I would see any ghosts or not.

If anyone has been to the Tower they know that it's HUGE. It's a gigantic fortress, not a tower. So, I had been walking around with some friends, using a guidebook to get around, usually you have a Beefeater-a man who is part of the royal guard, but we wanted to be on our own. We were about to leave, and I realized I really needed to use a restroom. There are tons of people standing around in uniforms all the time, I guess to help tourists and also because the Crown Jewels are housed on site, so I walked up to a uniformed guy perched in an alcove near the Bloody Tower and asked him where a restroom was. He totally ignored me. This isn't strange, because a lot of soldiers are positioned all over London, and you can do most outrageous things and they will still pay no attention to you. So I turned from him and walked towards my friends a few feet away, and before I say a word to them, they ask me who on earth I was talking to. I said, What do you mean? I asked that guard right there in front of your face where the bathroom was and he played that deaf act like the rest of them. They looked at me like I was insane and told me I was talking to a wall. I looked back and there was no one there. Now, I at first figured that maybe he had walked away, but then I looked at all the other tourists staring at me so weird, and realized that nobody had seen what I had. I can describe everything about this guy too! I even saw what color his eyes were. The only reason that it didn't scare me is because I didn't realize he was a ghost, but let me assure you, I got THE HELL OUT of that place, and didn't even hit the gift shop!!

I love to hear and read ghost stories, but I DO NOT want to see anymore myself, EVER. If you do want to see one, the Tower of London is obviously a good place to start.

North Carolina, USA
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