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The Townhouse (1)

Gail, Alberta, Canada
June 2006

I had lived in a town house with my mom and brother when I was younger. My parents had divorced and my dad was temporarily living with his dying parents.

One night when I was about 10 years old I awoke out of a peaceful sleep to a lady dressed in red standing beside my bed choking me. I couldn't call out for help or even move because I was so scared. Just when I thought I was either going to die or pass out a black figure appeared in my doorway and both figures disappeared. I know I was young so it might have been my imagination, but it was way to realistic, and when I tell you the other things that happened in that town house, you may believe me.

Another night I awoke from a bad dream and got out of bed to go crawl in with my mother. As soon as I stood up and went to leave my room, my foot was grabbed from under the bed. It was unexplainable because when I got my mother to look in my room, we found nothing. It wasn't only me who was visited by these 'things', my brother also had some very creepy encounters.

We were walking up the stairs, my mother, brother, and I, and my brother was leading. We were almost at the top of the stairs when he literally dropped. His face was pure white and he started crying. When asked what was wrong he said that he saw a white figure dancing in his room. To this day, he can still recall everything as if it happened yesterday.

When my parents worked everything out with their relationship, and my dad moved back in with us, the encounters for me, did not stop. I was having a shower and had left the door open a little so I could hear if something was happening. While I was washing my hair, I heard a knock on my bathroom door so I told who ever it was they could come in. No one came in so I continued with my shower. I later asked who had knocked, and everyone said no one had even been upstairs.

Gail, Alberta, Canada
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