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The Trailer

May 2004

Well this is a story my mom and dad told me when I was a kid.

They were part of an organization that cleaned up old homes and went through everything to sell and throw away.

They arrived at this one trailer that used the belong to an elderly man. My mom started going through an old dresser and closet. My dad was just in the kitchen going through drawers. After a few minutes my mom turned to my dad and talked about how depressed she started to feel. My dad agreed with her the house did seem depressing. Then they heard the rocking chair on the front porch rock. They thought perhaps it was the wind or someone joking around. They went out to the front porch and sure enough no wind, and no one had been around for a long time. They just shrugged it off and went back inside.

They then heard an older man laugh and sing some odd song, and the rocker was rocking again. They decided it must be their boss or something so they went outside again. They saw an elderly man rocking in the chair and smile at them, then he just vanished. That spooked my mom so much she made my dad leave right away.

Later that day they found out the old man that lived there committed suicide by shooting himself on the front porch. People used to say he would laugh and sing old songs for his kids and wife that had left him and never came to visit.

My parents still don't like trailers to this very day.

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