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The Trapper's Point

November 2007

I have to provide a bit of background information for this story to be understandable.

The cabin where my cousin lives used to be owned by a trapper. The cabin is on a bit of land commonly known by the locals as "Trapper's Point".
The trapper bought the 30 acres of land my cousin now owns when his wife was killed in an accident. He used to live in the city near the lake. No one at the city talks about what happened. Even when I asked they refused to tell me. So I checked the newspaper around the year of the accident and I found out that she'd been killed somewhere on the 30 acres where the trapper lived. His wife died when they were about 30 and he died in his 70's. He went into the city every 2 years to buy more traps. He always went on the same day. August 23rd. I'm not sure of the date that he died, but I've heard that he was confused one night and walked out of the cabin and got himself caught in one of his own traps. Another rumor says that he was chopping wood and caught himself with the axe instead. A few people say that he died of old age. Clearly, no one is certain because they didn't know he had died until about a year later when they found his body.
They went looking for him because he had never turned up to buy traps.

My cousin bought these 30 acres about 5 years ago.

The week surrounding August 23rd, she always stays with other people living on the lake. I was staying with her for the whole month of August last year and I told her I wanted to stay at the cabin for that week. She couldn't leave me there alone so she and some friends all stayed there with me.

The morning of the 23rd we were awoken by the sound of wood being chopped. We figured it was Gus (my cousins boyfriend) so we ignored it and went back to sleep. An hour or so later, Gus drove up to the cabin on his quad. He had just woken up. That was pretty weird but it didn't matter because until noon everything was quiet.

Noon was when the trapper would leave the cabin and go to the city.

The door swung opened really softly and gently, the way it does when a soft breeze comes and pushes it. I had to go and close it because my cousin was too freaked out. It closed easily and I locked it. The next thing that freaked us out was at 8. When the trapper would have been returning home.

All the lamps in the cabin were blown out as if by a gust of wind. None of the cabins on the lake have electricity or cell phone reception. We use gas lamps and hurricane lamps.

No one ever believes me when I tell them what happened after that, but me and my cousin and her friends know. We heard a sound like someone smashing the plates and glasses and bowls on the ground so we ran into the kitchen and at the dishes were being thrown out of the cupboard and smashed against the floor and opposite wall. My cousin started freaking out and ran outside screeching at Gus to take her to Lorret's. Nancy and Sam Lorret are her nearest neighbors. They got on the quad and started driving when something snapped at the tire and caught it. Everyone was freaking out. By now the smashing had ended in the kitchen and the house was calm, so we went back inside. No one slept much that night. When morning came we all went outside. My cousin is VERY against trapping and would never buy traps let alone place them out on the ground. She had gathered up all the old traps left by the trapper. But there was the wheel of the quad snapped in a rusty trap, the kind that snaps shut when you step in it.

My cousin says she'll never stay in that cabin during that week ever again. She had to replace all her broken china, and walk around picking up traps left on the property after that horrible night.

So there's my story. I hope you found it at least interesting. I'm not very good at describing things. I've barely told anyone about that incident but my parents started sending me to a therapist because I went weird for awhile. He said it would probably help to tell people about it, so here it is.

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