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The Tree (1)

Valerie, NY, USA
September 2006

A few years back, my boyfriend and I decided to go ghost hunting. We are both into the paranormal and thought it would be fun/scary.
We chose a local cemetery which always creeped me out a bit. At first we giggled and thought we were being silly for doing what we've seen in movies so many times. The only equipment we brought with us was a digital camera, so we turned it on and started snapping pictures. We walked through the cemetery and started to feel chilly. It was in July, and the temp was around 75. I was starting to feel afraid and my boyfriend thought that was hilarious. We began hearing a whooshing noise. We walked toward the noise and came upon a big tree. It was summer and there were no leaves on it which we thought was strange. We joked that it was dead like the rest of the people there. After we laughed about that, I felt as if someone pushed me in the back and I stumbled forward. My boyfriend thought I tripped because he didn't see it since he was taking pictures of the tree. I told him I was pushed and he didn't believe me. Then he was pushed. He thought I did it, but the look on my face made him believe me instantly. For some reason we couldn't take our eyes off of the tree. We walked closer to it and with every step we felt like there was pressure on our chests. We were both then simultaneously pushed to the ground violently. The camera went flying out of his hands and hit the side of the tree hard. We got to our feet, grabbed the camera and ran out of the cemetery as fast as we could.
Now, this was broad daylight, so no one was messing around with us. We knew that something out of the ordinary definitely happened to us.
After we got home we checked the camera and the only picture that was on there was of that tree. We had taken several pictures of gravestones that we thought were interesting, as well as a dead crow that we came across. The tree is still on my computer, and as I look at it, I remember that it was the only time I ever felt threatened by anything paranormal.

Valerie, NY, USA
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