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The Tunnel (1)

Pennsylvania, USA
October 1999

About 5 miles outside of the town that I lived when I was a teenager, there was this tunnel that was supposed to have been haunted. I had been to the tunnel before on several previous occasions, and nothing strange had happened.

On a Friday night, after our High School football game about 10 of us decided to go and check it out at night. When we got there it was around 10:00pm. There was one road leading into to the tunnel. Someone had put mounds of dirt in to block people from driving back in through the tunnel. We parked right in front of the mounds, blocking them. We walked through the tunnel, with nothing unusual happening. We even climbed up top of the tunnel to where the old train tracks had been.

After a while we started heading back towards the cars. We where about a 1/4 of the way through the tunnel, we saw a pair of headlights coming towards us. At first we didn't think anything of it. Then my friend Larry reminded us that we had blocked the entrance. By now the vehicle was at the other end of the tunnel. We all ran back through the tunnel and went up the side of the hill. When the truck came by us, it was pure white. It had two people in it, and the dashboard was glowing with a green color. The truck was a 1960's chevy pick up. It looked like it was brand new. Both people in it just kept staring straight ahead. When the truck was gone we ran back to the cars to see if they had done something to one of our cars to get in there. Both of them where in the same place as they had been. By now we where scared to death. There is only one way in there and that would be through our cars.

I have never been back to the tunnel at night. But it is still a weird place to go during the day. Going though it, it is always foggy in the middle. No matter what time of year it is. Then right in the middle it is just black.

This is a true story, if I had not been there with others and them seeing the same thing that I had I would have doubted it, we rarely talked about it but from time to time it still comes up. We each have the same memory of everything that happened that night.......

Pennsylvania, USA
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