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The Twins in the Fog

April, NC, USA
June 2009

I have always believed in ghosts, and have seen many things that were unexplainable. I live in Mt. Airy NC but this particular incident occurred near King NC on Chestnut Grove Rd.

It was on April 10th 2009 that this occurred. I had to attend a meeting in Winston Salem for a class I was taking, and my friend had offered to go with me. I met her at her house and after the meeting we went to eat! Then we headed back to her house and ended up talking until around 1:30 am. I have only been on this road a total of 3 times and this was my 2nd time on this rd. It had been raining earlier that day and so as I'm driving there are patches of fog here and there. I was listening to the radio and came upon this patch of fog and thought out loud to myself, "That looks like something you would see in a horror movie." Before I could get the last word out of my mouth, I saw them. They were walking in the fog side by side. It was two twins. They were women, both of which had blonde hair were wearing the same clothes and everything. They looked to be in their late 30s or early 40s. But their faces had no features. I couldn't make out eyes or noses or anything. They weren't black but just dark enough that I couldn't make out anything. I wouldn't have thought much about this had it been earlier but it was after two in the morning. And not many people are walking around that late and especially not twins dressed to match. This scared me so bad that I called my friend immediately and told her what I just saw. I made her talk to me until I felt comfortable again. Then I decide to call my sister and tell her about what I just saw and before I could even tell her my headlights went out and I had to drive another 10 miles home in the dark. That really freaked me out so I called my friend back and talked to her until I got home. My lights never came back on.

Just this Friday I drove back down to her house and I was back on that road it was daylight and I was looking for the area that I seen them in. And then I drive by the area and I notice a very small graveyard with a beat up old fence around it. It looked like a really old grave yard. It was getting late and I didn't want to stop, but I do want to stop by there someday and look and see if there is a set of graves for two women who are twins. If anyone who lives in this area knows anything about this or has ever seen these two women please let me know I would like to know the truth.

April, NC, USA
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