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The Two Ghosts In My House

Kirby, California, USA
February 2007

Before I start, I want to state that this story is absolutely true.

It was December 17, 2006. My Mom worked at a hotel (where we also lived) and they were having a Christmas party for the employees and their family. I had eaten WAY too much candy (being a kid, I like candy) and had gotten a little sick. I told my mom and she let me go to the room we stayed in. I finally had the chance to play video games on my GCN and visit this site (my bro. tries to control the T.V. while he's on the computer) so I was pretty okay with being alone in a small, dark room that my sister believed was haunted.
I did believe in ghosts so I was kind of creeped out.

I was playing a game on the GCN when the air suddenly felt really cold. I knew it must have been a ghost (the AC wasn't on). I didn't really pay it any attention because I didn't feel any sort of anger. I think it seemed to like the game I was playing. I didn't really talk to it (I was too into the game) so it must have gotten bored because it left. I went into the bathroom because I remembered that I had left my sweater hanging on the doorknob when the shower turned on! I asked who was there and it gasped at me. Now I could feel that the spirit was angry with me.
A young lady dressed in purple became visible in front of me. She told me not to come into the bathroom when she when she was about to shower. I took my sweater and left. The spirit that liked my game was now leaving my room. A white mist went out the door so I knew it was him. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps and the young lady's voice said, "Thank you for having us over!" She left right when my mom started to come into the room. I sat down on the chair right in front of our computer and made it seem like I had been on for a while.
I never told this story to my family because they (definitely) won't believe me.

Kirby, California, USA
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