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The Unbelievable Aircraft

Jason Dhaemers, Minnesota, USA
January 1999

It was a clear cool Minnesota night in 1991, I was feeling down about school and missing out on the hockey team so I decided to take a walk. I always went up onto some rocks which lined the Avenue I lived on. See, I lived on a hill which overlooked the beautiful city of Duluth. Feeling depression and frustration, as I had done before, I looked up into the stars for peace and answers. After a few moments I saw something that amazed me forever. As I was watching am airplane go across the sky it just stopped suddenly. Then I saw something I will never ever forget. Before my amazed eyes, this craft shot across the sky and suddenly stopped. Then it shot back across back to where it started from. Then it like just shot back out into the atmosphere and disappeared. I have no idea what it was and have never even speculated on what I seen. Many others have reported seeing this same phenomenon. I do not claim to know what it was, but I know I have seen it.

Jason Dhaemers, Minnesota, USA
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