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The Unexpected Event

Maryland, USA
May 1999

It was a cold night in November, just cold enough that I would not step outside unless someone were holding a gun to my head. Anyway, I was sitting down to eat at about 8:00, when all of a sudden, my fan turned on. That's strange I thought, that thing hasn't worked in years. Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped. I thought nothing of it until I was looking through the house's files and found an old lady had been murdered in it. I could not believe that the house was haunted.

The next night about the same time, I looked up from my book and saw a lady staring down at me. I said "may I help you?" beads of sweat forming in my hair. She just looked at me with sad eyes and then disappeared. I hope you enjoy my story. It's freaky but true and I have not seen her since. I'm glad.

Maryland, USA
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